Coating Industries offers professional painting solutions including reliable polyurethane two pak paints that are UV resistant, have high gloss retention levels and come in a wide range of colours to create the perfect accents in any room. We can even colour-match to your specific requirements.

Need a strong paint to uphold a high traffic room or rooms exposed to heavy sunlight? We understand that various aspects of your daily activities, in addition to the natural light exposure can make it difficult to find the right professional painting solutions. For this reason, our team works with you to incorporate the products that match your specific needs.

Polyurethane two pak is a hard-wearing product that delivers a tough and durable product that showcases vibrant colour for long-lasting visual appeal. For your convenience, our two pak paints can be formulated to give a satin or matte finish to accommodate your individual room needs.

Professional Painting Solutions that Make a Difference

Wet painting plays an important role in extending the life of an asset. At Coating Industries, our philosophy has always been to implement proper and effective ground work to ensure that the final result will be of top-notch quality.

Coating Industries meets the many and varied paint system requirements of every customer. We take care of every step of the spray painting process, providing the most well-rounded service for our customers.

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