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As specialists in the application of industrial coatings, we are here to provide you with expert service, quality products and a superior finish. By giving you repeatable consistency and service that you can rely on, you can be sure that your project will be a stand-out job.

From sandblasting to spray painting & powder coating, we follow strict quality assurance guidelines to ensure a top quality job each and every time.


Capable of handling large volumes of work for all sized projects – Coating Industries Australia ensures that each step of the process is carried out to your specification.


Coating Industries Australia is proud to provide our customers with a wide variety of protective coating solutions for commercial coating needs.


Coating Industries Australia welcomes the opportunity to help you with your personal projects – large or small.

Reliable Consistency

I’ve been working with Bechtel overseas on mega projects for the last 11 years, mostly in a procurement capacity.  I started with the Curtis Island projects in July 2013 and stepped into an existing working relationship with Coating Industries Australia (CIA) at that time.  We had a large quantity of valves that had shown up from our suppliers with corrosion and poor paint applications, we needed a company to step in and help us out with the reconditioning of these valves across three multi-billion dollar LNG projects:  Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG), Gladstone LNG (GLNG) and Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG).  CIA quickly became our go to vendor for blasting and painting across all three projects and worked to resolve our issues between early 2013 and the beginning of 2015.  Their quality of work, attention to detail, issue resolution and speed in which they delivered the finished product was second to none.  CIA have truly performed at a remarkable level and as the expediting and procurement manager supporting all three mega LNG projects, it was truly a pleasure to work with them on a daily basis as they satisfied our needs across projects.  In my experience with Bechtel, I really can’t think of many more companies that have been so seamless to deal with.  CIA worked as more of an extension to these Bechtel projects than a vendor so to speak.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to another company looking for blasting and painting services.
Marcus J. BeckfordOG&C—Curtis Island Projects— PJET Purchasing and Expediting Manager / 6Sigma Black Belt