Spray Painting

Coating Industries Australia provides high quality, reliable custom coating services to the engineering, mining and  manufacturing industries. Our spray painting facilities enable us to service just about any size project for our clients effectively and in a  timely manner. A NACE Certified Coating Inspector is on site to oversee each step of the process.

Providing optimal preparation will preserve and extend the life of your coated item, making it essential to ensure that all proper steps are taken during the early stages. Our Certified Protective Coating Inspector is trained in coating selection specification that helps us to deliver such protection and quality coating services to each and every client.
Learn more about our preparation process and diligence through our sandblasting section.

Our facilities are full-equipped to handle an extensive variety of projects for our clients. We utilise industrial, state of the art, climate controlled spray booth to ensure we can accomplish any job details you require. This dust-free zone ensures minimal contamination and allows for controlled humidity levels which are crucial during the paint application process.

A modern compressor with refrigerated dryer delivers high-quality moisture-free air throughout the workshop and we use the latest technology in spray systems. Our industrial forklift allows for maneuvering of heavy, large and bulky items through our spacious workshop and we are pleased to say that our workshop is EPA approved; conforming to environmental requirements.

Coating Industries Australia offers polyurethane two pack paints that are UV resistant, have high gloss retention levels and come in a huge range of colours. Our team is available to help colour-match products to meet your specific requirements. Plus – we offer NACE Certified Coating Inspectors to ensure we complete each project professionally and up to code.

Our polyurethane two pack is a hard-wearing product; it is tough and durable. Should you require it, two pack can be formulated to give a satin or matte finish to coat your:

  • Rail Components
  • Safety Handrails
  • Walkways
  • Equipment Booms
  • Truck Components including Booms and Load Frames
  • Pipes & Fittings
  • Chutes
  • Feed Pipes
  • Conveyors & Conveying Pipes
  • Platforms
  • Valves & Flanges
  • Farming Equipment and Machinery
  • Traffic Control Boxes
  • Spools & Guards
  • Cylinders
  • Refurbishments of All Sizes


Our work speaks for itself. We provide high quality products and coating services that offers visual proof of our top-notch workmanship. All items that pass through our workshop are suitably prepared, primed and painted. Our team of qualified tradesmen are ready to give your project the attention it deserves. 



At Coating Industries Australia, we take great pride in our finished product which is why our team ensures only the highest quality materials. We offer an extensive range of paint brands – including polyurethane two pack primers and paints – to accommodate the individual needs of your project. Whether you are in need of single pack etch primers, two pack marine and industrial etch primers, heavy duty industrial paint, motor vehicle paint or anti-corrosion coating – Coating Industries Australia will provide the high-quality materials to ensure exceptional coating services.